Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fidget is a little star!

Fidget is doing really well at the moment (I hope I am not tempting fate).  This is the best time of year for him really as the Sweet Itch season hasn't started yet.  The grass also hasn't really started growing much yet so he is still out in the field with the others.  He mostly enjoys being out with them although they do sometimes chase him around!

Once the grass really starts growing he has to be on restricted grazing to keep his weight under control and ensure he doesn't get Laminitis.  He also has to wear his Sweet Itch rug to stop him rubbing his mane and tail raw!

He has been enjoying some time out without his rug on with the warmer, drier weather too.

He recovered well from his ROA episode in November which is great and he hasn't had a relapse which is even better news. He sometimes struggles at this time of year as by now he has been in at night for several months but so far so good.

He is a delight to look after, despite his health problems and his bad start in life.  He is a star!

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