Tuesday, 10 March 2015

TubTrugs Flexible Review - my new feed bowls!

In January I treated the horses to some new food bowls.  Their previous ones were black rubber skips and were quite old. They were getting difficult to clean properly as the rubber was getting rough.  I have had a few of these over the years as they are really tough (I think they are made out of old tyres) however, I don't see them about anymore.  Chesney has always been a bit rough with his food bowls; he stands on them, kicks them about, picks them up and throws them ... so tough was important!

However, I have to admit that the bright coloured food bowls available have turned my head in the shop a few times recently.  They are so much more cheerful than the dull old black ones.  So I thought that it was about time I replaced them.  I was very excited to find there were the colours I wanted in the shop - my horses have their own colours (is that weird?) - Chesney has red, Basil has blue and Fidget has green!

They were cheaper than the black ones used to be but I'm not sure if they will last as long. We will see .....

Their website says that they are:
·         100% food-grade plastic
·         Flexible yet very, very strong
·         Frost and UV resistant
·         Totally Phalate free

As I want to use them for food that is good, also, as I said earlier they need to be very, very strong - so far so good.  I like that they are frost and UV resistant as the bowls will spend all their lives outside (ha ha) and so will encounter frost and sunshine!  I have had hard plastic trugs for water in the field in the past and they get brittle in the sun and break.  I also like that they are Phalate free - phalates have been found to cause health problems in people.

I like the integrated plastic handles so there is no chance of nasty injuries from metal detachable handles.

When I first presented the bowls to the horses they did look a bit shocked (Basil especially) but quite quickly discovered the tasty food inside.  They do slide around the floor more than the others but in some ways this is good as it makes the horses eat more slowly!  They are really easy to keep clean too and the handles are thin enough that I can carry 2 bowls in one hand (which I couldn't before).

So after about 6 weeks the bowls are all still in one piece, they have been trodden on and kicked about and Basil threw his over the door at the weekend.  The colours still cheer me up on a gloomy morning and the horses really don't care! PERFECT.

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