Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Improving your paddock - Soil Analysis, the results!

Following my blog a few weeks ago.  I now have the results from the soil samples which I collected and sent off last month.  They make interesting reading.  This is the first time I have done this and to be honest it is not something I really thought about much until I read an article and saw an advert.  When I thought about it it made complete sense that the soil needed to be in the best condition possible for the grass to grow and for it to try to out-compete the weeds!

In the past I have done any weed killing using a back pack and the one and only time I fertilised a paddock Chesney put on too much weight really quickly.  So I have been nervous of doing this since, however, with his weight loss before Christmas and the poor state of the field I have to do something.

The results came in a very easy to read and understand format!

As this is probably too small to read... it listed the minerals in the soil, the levels they should be and the levels they were ... it then highlights any low or very low levels which need attention.  My paddock showed:

  • Very low Sodium which it says is a priority for equine nutrition   
  • Low Phosphorus 
  • Low Sulphur 
  • Low Manganese

The company then go on to suggest products to apply to the field. They have suggested 2 different types of fertiliser for my paddock, 1 which just needs to be applied once and another which needs applying 4 times.

It looks like a have a few fun weeks ahead of me, walking around the field scattering granules of fertiliser!

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