Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring Wish List

I have been adding to my wish list recenlty - surprise, surprise!  Unfortunately, most of the things on my list before Christmas are still wishes too but it doesn't stop me looking.  These are my most recent additions.

Horse Riding Holiday in Peru - with the company In The Saddle
This would be an amazing trip and I know someone who has been.  Apparently, the horses are fantastic! 

LeMieux Prosport GP Numnah in Navy - this looks perfect for Basil's withers as I do struggle to get numnah's to fit him well. http://www.lemieuxproducts.com/

More Polyjumps - now we are jumping again it would be great to have more options!  I think I would choose some more colours though and not the brown ones! http://www.polyjumps.com/index.php

 Some nice dressage markers to go with the jumps 

Chesney wrecked his lightweight rug last year so he will be needing a new one.  I like how these fit him so will be hoping to get another the same  ..... Shires Tempest Lite. http://www.shiresequestrian.com/uk/index.html

My hi-vis waistcoat is looking a bit scruffy now, I could do with a new one.  

New yard/riding boots.  Mine are just starting to split, so some lovely new ones would be perfect. (I am not very good at cleaning and protecting them so they split). I will have the same ones again as they are so comfortable.  Mountain Rider Classic. http://www.mountainhorse.co.uk/index.php

Loving these new hoody's too, they look so soft and snuggly. http://www.harryhall.co.uk/catalogue/leisurewear/hoodys/harthill-hoody/

These fly masks look great but I am not sure how long they would last!  The horses would definitely appreciate them in the summer though. These are the Mark Todd ones.  http://www.thesaddleryshop.co.uk/P/Mark_Todd_Fly_Mask_with_Ears-%28288%29.aspx

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