Monday, 22 June 2015

A - Z of Colours & Markings

A is Albino.
B is for Bay.
C is for Cream.
D is for Dun.

E is for Ermine Marks.
F is for Frosted Appaloosa.
G is for Grey.

H is for Heart- Shaped Star.
I is for Iron Grey.
J is for Just one colour, top to toe.
K is for Kind eye - struggling for K's!
L is for Liver Chestnut.

M is for Marble Appaloosa.
N is for Narrow Stripe.
O is for Overo Pattern (Pattern seen on Skewbald, Piebald and Tri-coloured horses).
P is for Palamino.

Q is for Quite unusual, as some markings can be ...
R is for Roan.
S is for Snip.

T is for Ticked Markings
U is for Unusual Markings, these are great for distinguishing horses.
V is for Vital Information, colours and markings should be detailed on your horse's passport.
W is for Whorl
X is for Xtra Markings like scars.
Y is for Yellow Dun
Z is for Zebra Stripes

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