Monday, 8 June 2015

My Special Memories

Cocoa, my first pony was not a very reliable jumper and we often went to shows only 
to be eliminated at the first jump. This is the first rosette we were given - not 
for winning anything - I think it was probably for trying so hard!

I was given this book by a friend of my mum's just after I started riding.  
It has remained my favourite ever since and I have re-read it so many times. 
It is a really heartfelt and inspiring story.

This horse was given to me for a 21st birthday present and I had always 
wanted one.  I love it and it reminds me of my first pony, Cocoa.

Last year I went on the holiday of a lifetime, a riding safari in 
Botswana.  I bought this cap as a reminder.  It was the most 
amazing experience, one which I will never forget. 

My mum made me this when I went to university.  It meant a lot to 
me that she had spent time making it and it reminded me of home and 
my pony (although we never won any gold cups!).

My grandpa gave me this old wooden tool box to keep my horse things in 
when I got my first pony.  It is very special to me as he has since passed 
away.  Although I keep it at home now it holds all my horsey memories.

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