Friday, 10 July 2015

Finally - he has arrived.

This is an extra and a special blog! 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen some photos I posted yesterday of my new pony, Tommy.

I first met Tommy a few weeks ago when I went down to the Blue Cross in Oxfordshire.  Having filled in a form online telling them about my experience with Fidget they gave me a call and invited me to meet him.  He is a very special pony and has had a really terrible time.  Having not just been neglected but also suffering cruel treatment he is not surprisingly nervous and wary.

He has spent over 6 months at the centre and has developed a special bond with one of the grooms there.  So it was important that he and I had a connection.  When I arrived for our first visit he was, amazingly, lying down in his field.  He seemed really chilled and his groom (for lack of a  better word) showed me how to catch him and lead.  He is wary to catch and is only just learning to be led.  He tends to get frightened and his flight instinct kicks in and he runs off.  They have developed some special techniques with him!  I then quietly approached him and said Hello, I gave him a handful of his favourite mix and he let me rub his neck.

We then took him into the school to just spend a bit of time and to demonstrate what they are doing with him at the moment - ground work.  Once we popped him in a stable I had more chance to give him a stroke and he was groomed and had his feet picked out.  He does not know about being tied up but is more confident in the stable.

I fell in love with him.

I went back a week later and he allowed me to approach him and quietly catch him.  I led him across the field and down to the stable.  Apparently he has never let anyone else catch him!  He then allowed me to carefully groom him and pick out his feet.  He is not sure about picking up his back feet and you can feel that he is very tense.

Yesterday, Tommy was brought up to stay.  I managed to say Hello and give him some of his favourite mix.  He met Chesney and Basil and they quickly settled down.  24 hours later and he has found a favourite spot in the field, where he feels most safe - under a tree by the hedge.  I have not managed to get close but we knew he would take several steps back in his progress.  After all he is in a new place and has left his 'groom' behind.

Tommy is never going to be ridden but will be a perfect companion.  He is about 14 hands and is 6 years old.  With time and as he gets to know me we will build a great bond and I know he is a gorgeous pony.  It is going to take lots of time and patience but we are not in any rush.  I am planning on posting weekly blogs about him and our progress!

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