Thursday, 16 July 2015

First Steps Plan for Tommy

As I said in my blog last week Tommy is very nervous and it is going to take lots of time and patience to fully show the gorgeous pony I know he is.  The day after he arrived I managed to get up to him, rub his neck and stroke his nose - which I was really surprised about.  The next morning when I arrived he was having a lovely sleep.

I am so pleased as this means he is feeling comfortable and safe!  He is also making friends with Chesney.  Chesney is trying to slowly edge closer, he makes me laugh, so that Tommy doesn't run off.

I have a vague plan of what I would like to accomplish first but I have no time limits as I'm going to let Tommy set the pace.

For the first few days I was fetching Chesney and Basil in as usual for the day -  they come in and have a small feed and hay.  Once they were in I took some food out to Tommy.  He also had some hay and his Likit under a tree close to the stables.  After a couple of days he was coming up to near the gate for his breakfast!  On Tuesday he had his food in his stable and then I put him back in the field - this meant leading him - which he let me do!!!!

 Tuesday evening he came back onto the yard area once the others were out and had a potter about!

We had cuddles and I rubbed around his withers.

On Wednesday I decided he wanted to come in like the others.   I mixed their little feeds and put them in the stables.  Tommy was nearest the gate and came in first then the others came in to eat theirs.  I managed to give him a little brush on his neck and back and picked out his front feet too.  I was so proud of him for being so brave.  He makes his legs really stiff and definitely is nervous about picking them up.  I just ran my hand down his back legs though.  I gave him some hay and his Likit and he happily stayed in resting all day with the others.  

So last weekend this was my plan for him - with no time limits - and really I thought it would take several weeks to achieve these things.  I can't believe that we have achieved all of them in some way in the first week.  I will have to make a new plan!

1.       Get Tommy to come up to gate for breakfast.
2.       Eat a treat from my hand.
3.       Allow me to stroke his neck.
4.       Allow me to catch him.
5.       Allow me to lead him.
6.       To come into his stable for a minute with the door open.
7.       To come into his stable for breakfast with the door closed.
8.       To brush Tommy.
9.       To pick out his feet.
10.   To settle in the stable for the day with the others.

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