Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tubtrugs Baler Twine Cutter

A few weeks ago I bought one of these 'safety' cutters as I have had a pen knife for a long time.  The pen knife is really not that safe so I treated myself!

Obviously, with 3 horses I get through quite a bit of hay and in the winter when it is dark and dingy I am always rushing about trying to get things done quickly.  So, like many people I want an efficient way of quickly cutting the baler twine around the bales.  

When I first tried this cutter I was disappointed, it didn't seem very sharp and wouldn't cut.  However, I soon discovered that if you have it at the right angle it cuts well, nearly better than the pen knife.  

It is a much safer option and with the clip at the end can be attached to something to keep it safe.  This isn't something I do at the moment.  I may have to attach it to something bigger for the winter though as I can imagine it could easily disappear in amongst the hay if I am in a rush one morning!

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