Thursday, 30 July 2015

How is our schooling progressing?

I think I am stuck in a schooling rut again! Although, Basil has really begun to work in a good round shape and is soft and his bend is improving our movements are getting a bit repetitive.  In walk and trot he feels really light in the hand and works beautifully.  There is still a way to go with our canter work though! 

We have been doing plenty of serpentines

 .... which I always enjoy.  These are so much improved in trot when Basil is working more on the bit.  We have more control and work at a better pace in a nice rhythm.  20 m circles are a staple in all paces!

As is changing the rein on the diagonal! 

I quite like using these half circles to change the rein too.

We have also been doing lots of leg yield, both towards and away from the track. This is also definitely improving.

We do need to continue working on our transitions but I decided it was time to dig out the book again!

This exercise can be done in walk, trot and canter.  You can walk the 10 metre circle then change the rein as you move to the larger circle and do this in trot.  You can then change the rein back to do the 10 metre circle again in walk!  Alternatively you can do the 10 metre in trot and the 20 metre in canter.

Basil and I are still working on balance to be able to trot 10 metre circles but it is getting better!

This exercise is good for practising your turns as on the square you really have to ride the corners and not just drift around them as we often tend to do!  This exercise is best to perfect in walk first so that your horse understands you before progressing up to trot!

We will see how we get on with these over the next few weeks!

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