Monday, 23 May 2016

Highland Ponies

Highland Ponies are native to the highlands of Scotland and the Western Isles.  They have silky manes and tails and have a wide and unusual range of colours.  They can survive well on sparse vegetation and their thick winter coats mean that they do well living out.  


The Highland Ponies were originally bred to work the crofts, taking farmers to the market and carrying the peat for the croft fires.  They have been used for ploughing and by shepherds and they are still popular for carrying sportsmen into the hills.  

Originally the breed was divided into the smaller Western Isles ponies and the larger mainland ponies but the distinction is no longer made.  Other breeds have been introduced over the years, mostly Arabian but also Percheron and Clydesdale among others.

The Highland Pony Society was founded in 1923 and they are now found across Europe, Australia and the USA.


Height: Not exceeding 14.2hh

Colour:  Can be many different colours but mostly grey or dun with a dorsal stripe.

Conformation:  Broad and alert faces with a kind eye.  They have strong necks and good sloping shoulders.   
The withers are pronounced and the back is compact.  They have a deep chest, powerful quarters, strong cannon bones and well shaped hooves.

Temperament:  Fantastic temperament, great as children's ponies.  Calm, docile, sensible and safe. 

Use:  Good all round riding ponies.  Their calm temperament means they are ideal for beginners or nervous riders.  Although they are not too fast they are great jumpers, good in harness and great for pony club. 

Highland Pony Society Website:    

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