Monday, 16 May 2016

Horsey books in my life!

Today I wanted to share the books that I have learnt from and those that I have loved since I started riding. Some of them will be out of print now and some will have been reissued but they have all helped me over the years with my equine friends.

These first books are one's I found so inspiring.  Before I had my own pony Jill (the books above) had everything I dreamt of.  They are quite old fashioned now but still fun to read!

These books by Caroline Akrill made want to be both an eventer and work with horses.  Neither came true but they definitely showed me the work and dedication involved for both. 

For some reason, which I can't quite explain, Fly By NIght was one of my favourites.  It is truly a lesson in what NOT to do if you want and then have your own pony but is still inspiring.  

I wrote a blog about this book by Lucinda Prior-Palmer a while ago because it is my favourite.  

This A-Z has been one of the most useful books I have had. The treatments are quite old fashioned and many are not used now but to help me identify and understand lumps, bumps and illnesses it is great. 

These next 2 books I used quite a lot when doing my BHS Stage exams.  The one below is a bit detailed but has taught me lots.  The one above is more general and really useful because it covers so many relevant topics.

I was lucky enough to see Monty Roberts once and managed to get him to sign my book.  Watching him work was amazing.  I have never liked the way many horses and ponies in the US and UK are broken in, so to see his method was fascinating.  


This book gives a much more traditional approach but still has some really useful information and ideas for helping teach and train horses and ponies.  

I saw Michael Peace do a demonstration a few years ago and, like Monty, found him inspirational.  Many of his ideas require several helpers so are not always things I have been able to do on my own.  However, where I can I do.

Since I have had Tommy I have used a mixture of ideas from these last 3 books to help him.  I do find books useful and have always been a big reader.  I hope you find some inspiration from my favourite books and maybe take a look back at the ones that have helped you over the years.

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