Thursday, 26 May 2016

Is it Spring?

The big rug debate has been going on recently.  The weather, as usual, is making it difficult.  It is supposed to rain so I put a rug on, then it doesn't rain, so they are too hot.  I don't put a rug on, then it rains and hails and I have a cold Basil! 

Luckily , now he has put most of his weight back on Chesney is fine and Tommy enjoys not having a rug on because it means he can get extra, extra muddy.

I am  hoping to be able to change them over at the weekend. So they will be out at night but come in for a while in the day.  This gives them a rest, gets them out of the sun so they don't burn their noses, away from the flies and controls their grass consumption a bit! 

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