Friday, 1 July 2016

All About ... Nail Prick

What is it

Nail Prick is what happens when a nail (whilst shoeing) is driven into the sensitive part of the foot.  If the nail is driven close to the sensitive structures (and not into) it is called nail bind.



  • Lameness just after shoeing 
  • Worsening lameness 
  • Hoof wall is warm 
  • Swollen pastern 
  • Pressure to hoof or sole makes pain worse 
  • Some blood or pus may be seen around the offending nail hole 
  • Nail bind may not cause lameness for a few days after shoeing



As explained above this is what happens if the nail is incorrectly driven into the sensitive tissues of the horse's foot.  Some horse's feet are more difficult to shoe than others which means some horses may be more likely to suffer.  If the hoofwalls are poor or thin it can make the farriers job more difficult. 


Call the farrier back.  They will remove the shoe - this may be very painful.  Leave shoe off and if there is concern that there may be dirt in the wound then a poultice may be needed.  When horse is sound and area is clean the shoe can be put back on.


Good nutrition to support healthy hoof wall growth and quality.  Regular visits by an experienced farrier  to help keep feet in best condition possible.

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