Monday, 18 July 2016

Haflinger Ponies

These ponies are native to Austria and I always loved their colour! They are sure footed, hardy and strong because of the steep and rugged slopes and extreme temperatures of their natural mountainous habitat.  They can work hard on little food and in difficult conditions which makes them popular ponies and many live to a good age!


All Haflingers descend from one stallion born in 1874.  Known as Folie 249 he was a cross between a Tyrolean mare and an Arab stallion.  Used high up in the mountains the ponies carried supplies between villages and farms but also worked in the forest.

The breed was originally fairly lightly framed but suffered during WWI.  During the Second World War the ponies became smaller and stockier.  These ponies were then used as packhorses by the military.  

In 1946 breeders began to focus on producing purebred Haflingers and the stud book was closed meaning that no new blood lines could be introduced.  There are 7 stallion lines which are recognised (all descended from Folie 249).  During the next few decades the breed grew and spread worldwide.  Queen Elizabeth II was given 2 Haflinger ponies in 1969 when she visited Austria and the Haflinger Society of Great Britain was established in 1970.


Height: 13hh - 14.2hh

Colour:  Chestnut (although the shade can vary) and always with a flaxen mane and tail.  Usually white markings on the face.

Conformation:  They have small slightly dish shaped heads.  The neck is strong and they have good shoulders for riding.  The chest is broad and the back strong.  They also have muscular quarters and clean strong legs with hard feet.  

Temperament: They are very docile and ideal for beginners.

Haflinger ponies are great all purpose ponies under saddle and in harness.  Often used for trekking.

The Haflinger society of Great Britain:

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