Thursday, 7 July 2016

June 2016

I guess I should have know it wasn't to last.  It was going so well, although it did rain ALOT in June, we were definitely making progress.  Now, though, it has all gone wrong and Basil is lame. He seems to be OK in himself and he is sound in the field so can go out but he is not sound for riding :(


My aims for June with Basil were:

1.       Calmness - I think we are making progress in all paces
2.       Rhythm - good trot rhythm
3.       Suppleness - Basil is looking for a contact now
4.       Consistency of bend on left rein 
5.       Having more consistent contact
6.       Right canter lead - this has been better now Basil is paying a bit more attention to me
7.       Trot serpentines are getting more balanced
8.       Improver our canter - some times are better than others
9.       Some new exercises - best laid plans
10.   Jump a little cross pole - ditto

This is what June  looked like:

2nd - Lunged today, very good.

3rd - Arena - First time I have ridden early morning so I took it a bit gently as Basil is still adjusting to being out at night and it was quite cold.  It also means he is ridden before his breakfast!  Our canter was a bit fast again today but we had some nice leg yield.

4th - Rode in the arena again today - we achieved some pretty good trot serpentines. and some better canter too so altogether feeling quite pleased.

5th - Hack today- Basil was a good boy again.  We do like our chilled early morning potters!   

7th - Rode in the arena first thing - canter is definitely improving but can be a bit rushed sometimes.  Vet came to x-ray his tooth in the afternoon good news, all is fine :)

8th - Good lunging session again.   

9th - Farrier out today. 

10th - Lunged again, my back was sore this morning.

11th - Schooling in arena today,  some turn on the forehand - we must practise this more although he is pretty good at it.  Great walk and trot leg yield towards and away from track AND we had no problems getting the right canter lead on the right rein!  Progress with the rushing in canter too.

12th - hack today and really pleased because Basil walked past lots of flags and bunting out for the Queen's celebrations.

14th - arena again.  We walked some small 5 m circles.  When I want to do trot serpentines Basil seems to think we are going to canter so he gets fast so generally they are better on the 2nd attempt!  Our canter transitions are a bit better but when he thinks we are going to canter (not me) he rushes his trot - this is what frustrates me!  Once we get into canter we are slightly steadier than we were though. 

15th - great lunging session again.

16th - Basil managed to half pull his shoe off, luckily I managed to get it sorted the same day.

17th - lunged - no exciting things to report.

18th - didn't feel like riding in arena today so hacked out which we both needed.

19th - Schooling.  I do think our canter is getting better and today we managed some good work on the bit for couple of short periods too.  Thinking we might try a cross pole next week.

20th - lost shoe & foot sore.

23rd - shoe back on but still foot sore :(

No more riding in June. 

Once he is sound again my aims for with Basil are mostly the same as for June:

1.          Calmness - especially in canter
2.          Rhythm 
3.          Suppleness 
4.          Consistency of bend on left rein 
5.          Having more consistent contact
6.          Some work on the bit
7.          Trot serpentines still need to be more balanced
8.          Improver our canter, less rushed
9.          Some new exercises
10.      Jump a little cross pole!

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