Monday, 11 July 2016

Hilton Herbs Shake No More Gold - Review

I have tried a couple of herbal supplements this year to help with Basil's RAO.  The first was NAF Easy Breathing which unfortunately did not have the effect I was hoping for.  I have since been trying a supplement specifically designed for allergies as we believe Basil's RAO is due to a pollen allergy and not hay spores.  

 I chose Hilton Herbs Shake No More Gold.  It is a liquid supplement designed specifically for 'summer irritants'.  The website reviews seem to mostly be from owners whose horses need nose nets because they become so distressed.  This was not the problem with Basil, his problem is that his breathing becomes much more laboured and for the past couple of summers I have had the vet out to give him steroid and ventipulmin injections.  This year I wanted to try to avoid this.  

Shake No More Gold contains Echinacea purpurea root , Chamomile flowers, Devils Claw Root, Scullcap, Eyebright and Nettles with Apple Cider Vinegar. It smells good and Basil has been more than happy to eat it in his feed, and he can be very fussy about things added to his food!  I followed the instructions mostly which say to give a larger dose for a few days - but I introduced it a bit slowly so Basil didn't refuse to eat his food with a new smell!  He is now on a maintenance dose and I have just bought a second bottle.  He has now been having this supplement for 3 months.

Basil's RAO 'episode' occurred late May last year and mid June 2014.  We have reached July now and he has not had a visit from the vet for his RAO.  I have given him powdered ventipulmin for about 10 days late May /early June.  However, in past years this has not been enough.

My only real criticism is that you don't get a measure with the bottle so I had to find a little scoop and work out the measure myself.

I really feel that this has made a difference, although it has not totally solved our problem it has reduced the effect the pollen has had on Basil because he has not suffered nearly so badly this year.  Apparently allergies tend to worsen as a horse gets older so to find this now is such a relief.  I am not sure whether I will give it all year round but he will certainly have it added to his feed for the spring and summer months!

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