Monday, 16 January 2017

8 Top Tips ... for this time of year!

1.       Remember to keep an eye out for mud fever.  Check out my video to see how I try to prevent Chesney developing it each year. 
2.       If you have a dry day then air your stable rugs and spare turnout rugs - hang them on the stable door, I use old clothes horses to put them in the sunshine (when there is some) !
3.       Keep the drains on the yard clear, at this time of year they can get full of mud and hay, then when there is a down pour it doesn't drain away which could mean a mini flood in the stables or tackroom etcetera :(
4.       In the field check the fencing regularly.  Wind brings down branches which can break rails and the wind blows temporary electric fence down relatively easily - if your horse is anything like Chesney then he will take EVERY opportunity to get somewhere he is not supposed to be!

5.       Check troughs every icy morning and break the ice (and evening if your horse lives out 24 hours).  If it is going to be nearly 0 degrees or below all day then make sure you remove the ice too as it will just stick back together.  I use my old shavings fork (which I don't use and is clean) but sometimes put my hands in - you could wear rubber gloves, these do stop your hands getting too cold.
6.       If your horse struggles to keep weight on then try feeding sugarbeet (remember to soak it) or add oil to the feed daily.
7.       Feeding hay in the field is a messy business, so much ends up being wasted so think about investing in one of the hay feeders available now - in the long run there will be less wasted hay so you will save money.   Look out for this week's video to see my new hay feeders :)

8.       Keep your old worn out towels - they are great for drying and warming ears and faces when it has been a really wet, cold day!

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