Monday, 30 January 2017

Hi-Vis Exercise Sheet Review

At this time of year it is either really dark and dull or if the sky is clear the sun is low in the sky and it can be really bright for drivers.  If you are going to ride on the road you should wear some bright, hi-vis clothing. 

Basil has had this exercise sheet from V-Bandz  ( for several years  now and I love it.  

It is really bright so drivers and cyclists can't miss us!  It is waterproof so is great if it is raining or damp because he can still have his rug on and go back out in the field when we get back.  It is also lined so helps to keep his loins warm when the wind is whipping across the road!  It is a bit rustly but Basil is not bothered by this, although, I can imagine some horses would be - Tommy for instance!

It has two straps on either side to fix it to the girth straps which means the rug is good and secure.  The straps are totally adjustable and easy to work too.  There is a fillet string and a little strap that goes under the dock higher up so again the rug is really secure and doesn't blow about in the wind.

The only minor point is that it does tend to slip sideways a bit, but this is only slight.  It comes in this yellow, pink or orange so you can choose your favourite bright colour.  This is the only exercise sheet that Basil has so he wears it often in the winter. 

I have put it in the washing machine a few times and it washes well and because the 'buckles' are plastic they don't dent the drum either!

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