Thursday, 2 February 2017

January 2017 Review

I do feel Basil and I have made a little progress this month.  I have had some glimpses of calmness and rhythm.  I am looking at some new bitting options but don't want to rush into buying the wrong thing.  Tommy has been better to get in at night this month which is a relief and Chesney's feet are coping with the wet so far - fingers crossed.  I am definitely noticing the days getting a bit longer now too and there are a few signs of Spring :)

My Aims for January  were:
1.       Calmness 
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness - in every pace :(
4.       Improved brakes!
5.       Correct canter leads

I know these are fairly basic aims, but after the last few months we really needed to go back to basics!

This is what January  looked like:

1st - Rained ALL day :(

2nd - rode in the arena today.  It was a bit icy so we stuck to the track when we trotted which is level.  We did some walk serpentines but mostly practised the walk, halt, walk, trot, walk, halt, walk, trot exercise that we were doing at the end of December.  Getting better at it too.

4th - rode in the arena again today.  Practised the same exercise and I am definitely getting an improved reaction now.  Our canter was not too strong and the trot serpentines were pretty good although they were better from the left rein today!

7th - I got Basil in to ride today but he wouldn't hold his foot up to be picked out.  This is very unusual for him as he is really good to have his feet done so I decided he had twinged something and it was better not to ride.  I popped him back in the field.

9th - Basil seemed fine today so I rode him in the arena.  After taking it gently until I was sure he was OK I carried on with our exercises.  We got some pretty good walk and trot serpentines and canters as Basil got the correct leads and wasn't too strong or too fast.  We had some nice loops in walk and trot but as usual the trot became a bit fast as Basil was expecting to canter.

10th - again in the arena.  Good halts today and again some good serpentines in walk and trot and good loops.  Turn on forehand today too but he is MUCH better off the left rein when doing these.  Our first canters on each rein were good but as so often happens the next ones he anticipates and trots faster then gets the wrong lead.  Eventually we got the right leading leg!

Lots of icy days:(

14th  - everything is too icy today.  When I got Basil in tonight he was fine but about 20minutes later I thought he had colic as he started digging up his stable and kicking.  He had eaten his tea though.  I watched him for about 30 minutes and he didn't have another episode so I rang the vet and we decided he had probably just had some trapped wind and if he was OK for another hour I didn't need to worry.  He was fine.  

17th - lunged  today - first time for a while.  Basil had great fun cantering around and bucking.

18th - arena and did the walk, halt, walk, trot exercise which we are getting good at.  If I can keep Basil calm our canter transitions are fine BUT it is tricky getting the balance right with him to prepare him with the right bend and impulsion but not get him over excited.

20th - good lunging session today.

21st - Hack out today, as it has been a while he was very speedy from beginning to end.  We ended up doing lots of trotting and going a different way so that he had to trot back up a steep hill - all in an effort to try to stop him getting too silly.

24th -  arena.  Today we did the usual walk, halt, walk, trot exercise again.  Today we tried something new to try to improve our canter transitions.  We walked the loop, then trotted the loop concentrating on changing the bend then as we went out of the short end took up canter.  It worked Basil was calm but had impulsion and the correct bend so we had some nice canters :)  Trot serpentines were a bit speedy though.

28th - arena again today, much better, felt lighter and not as strong.  Again we did the loops in walk and then trot before cantering.  We also cantered some circles today.  Trot serpentines still a bit rushed - it is because I always do them after we canter and Basil is just thinking we are going to canter again.  Must do them first!

29th - lunged and Basil was very good.

31st - arena.  Pleased as Basil didn't let all the activity on the farm behind upset him.  Loops today and nice walk serpentines.  First canter was  on both reins, felt light and not too strong or too fast.  Then got rushy again. Struck wrong on right rein then kept anticipating and running on.  Eventually got right lead and then cantered around for much longer than usual to see if he got tired and slowed down - he didn't!

My Aims for February are:
1.       Calmness
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness - in every pace :(
4.       Improved brakes!
5.       Correct canter leads
6.       Turn on forehand
7.       Leg yield

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