Friday, 10 February 2017

All About ... Warts

What are they

Warts are blemishes which do not cause further health problems and will often disappear on their own.  However, they are contagious and so it is important to take steps to prevent spreading the virus to other horses.


Lumps which vary in size (2mm - 3cm) often found around the nose, lips, eyelids and cheeks.  They usually occur in groups.  The colour also varies from pink to grey but they all have raised, rough and horny surfaces.


Caused by the papilloma virus carried by insects.   Young horses are more prone to warts because their immune systems are less effective.  


A biopsy may be done to ensure the lump is not a sarcoid. See picture below!


Warts usually disappear within 6 - 9 months and the horse will be left with some immunity to the virus.  Adopt good hygiene and bio-security measures to prevent the spread.  Problems can occur if the horse rubs the wart and they bleed.


You can prevent the spread of wart by adopting good hygiene measures, not sharing tack, equipment etcetera.  Horses with warts should also be kept apart from others as they are so contagious!

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