Monday, 6 February 2017

The Barb

The Barb originates from the Barbary coast in the north west corner of Africa - which is now Morocco, Tunis and Algeria.  They are known for their endurance and remarkable speed  over short distances.

The breed is tough and capable of carrying great weights, they are also good doers.  In the past they have been confused with Arabian horses, however, there are significant differences.


The Barbary coast has been noted for its horses for over 2000 years and, like the Arab, the Barb has influenced many other breeds.  Particularly the Thoroughbred, Lipizzaner and Andalucian, it was popularly used to improve racing bloodlines.

They were used as military horses because of their stamina and strength but following WWII their numbers declined.   There are now a few different types of Barb found and the pure breds are rare.


Height:  14hh - 15hh

Colour:  Grey, bay, brown, black and chestnut.

Conformation:  Long head with flat shoulders and high withers.  They are often ewe necked and they have sloping quarters and a low set tail.

Temperament: Can be quite challenging!

Used as an all round riding horse. 
Please always wear a hard hat when you are riding!

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