Friday, 3 February 2017

All About ... Thrush in Horses

What is it

Thrush is an infection sometimes found in horses feet.  This can be in the grooves either side of the frog or in the frog itself.  The infection causes the tissues to rot.


  • Foul smelling feet 
  • Black discharge 
  • May be lame 
  • Pain on pressure of the affected area.


Bacterial or fungal infection of the foot is due to:

  • Poor hoof care ie: not cleaning feet daily 
  • Dirty and/or damp bedding in stable 
  • Horses standing for extended periods in mud or damp areas 
  • Horses with long heels can be more prone


The vet will be able to confirm this and is likely to need to be called to trim the affected tissues and prescribe antibiotics.


Move the horse to a clean and dry stable.  Thoroughly clean the foot out and scrub with dilute iodine.  The infected tissues should be trimmed away by the vet.  Antibiotics may be prescribed and daily scrubbing with dilute iodine should continue until the infection has gone.  


Regular cleaning of hooves through picking out thoroughly.  Keep stables or field shelters clean and dry.

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