Monday, 20 February 2017

Morgan Horses

Morgan's are one of the most easily recognisable breeds.  Their graceful necks and high set tails make them incredibly beautiful!  They are descended from a 14hh bay stallion born in 1789 in the US and are named after their founder Justin Morgan. 

They have great personality and stamina, are athletic and long lived.


Justin Morgan owned a stallion called Figure, although his breeding is unknown, it became obvious that his progeny inherited his characteristics.  Their strength, stamina and versatility made them popular.  Thus the breed was born!  

Figure was used to clear land, pulling logs but also under saddle and in races.  His progeny became popular for working in the fields and under saddle in addition to pulling stage coaches.  Morgan horses were used in the city and on ranches!

Morgan's were used during the 19th century as coach horses and as cavalry horses during the American Civil War.  They were also popular horses for harness racing and general riding.  During the 19th and 20th centuries they were exported to England where they influenced the breeding of the Hackney.  In 1907 the US Morgan Horse Farm was established to improve the breed and the first breed registry was established in 1909. 


Height:  14hh - 16hh

Colour:  Chestnut, bay, black and brown. 

Conformation:  An expressive head with a broad forehead and large eyes.  The neck is arched and the withers well defined.   The back is short and hindquarters strong.  The tail is set high and carried and the legs strong.

Temperament:  Well mannered, reliable and versatile.

Used for general riding, driving and showing.  Also for dressage, showjumping, endurance and cutting.

The British Morgan Horse Society was founded in 1975. 
Their website:

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