Thursday, 5 January 2017

December Review

The good news is that I think Basil and I are making progress, I am going to look at getting a new bit for him though as he is too strong in the rubber snaffle.  I've been putting hardener on Chesney's soles all month now and they are a lot better so hopefully he won't get any abscesses this year.  Unfortunately, though, Tommy has been a monster to get in at night for several days, making himself a bit unpopular

My Aims for December were:

1.       Calmness 
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness - in every pace :(
4.       Improved brakes!
5.       Correct canter leads

I did not set myself very high expectations for this month!

This is what December  looked like:

2nd - lunged today, he was very good.

3rd  - hacked out today, Basil was really good and it is lovely getting out again.

4th - rode in the arena today for about 30 minutes.  I am now remembering why I changed Basil out of the bit I bought him in - he is very strong!  Although he seems happier than he was.  Great first canter but the second time we got the wrong lead on the right rein, I have been trying to keep calm and not let him know we are going to canter (because he anticipates) the problem with that is then he isn't very well prepared!

6th - arena and Basil was still strong :(

8th - Farrier

9th - lunged today, really good again.

10th - arena again today (I am giving Chesney's feet a chance to harden up before I hack out again).  I used my voice to get Basil to trot, and canter today, like I do when lunging, in the hope that it will help keep him calm and I do think it helped a bit.  We did some loops in from the track to the 10m line in walk and trot so practised some changes of bend and we got quite good by the end.  He was strong in canter again though.  I have shortened my stirrups by a hole.

11th  - arena.  The shorter stirrups are helping a bit, Basil feels more between my hand and leg now.  Canter was a bit better as he felt slightly less strong.  We did some loops again which were better than yesterday and a lovely trot serpentine on the right rein - not so good on the left.  

16th - lunged again today.

17th - arena today. Basil is still strong but we did some good loops in walk and trot again.  I have not been feeling 100% this week so we didn't do much.       

18th - hacked out today and Basil was happy to be out.  We came back a little faster than I would have liked!

20th - arena again, difficult today, he was strong in canter and then was also difficult in trot.  

21st - lunged but he was silly because it was windy.

24th - too windy.

27th -  arena.  Good ride today, Basil was better, we managed some fairly good walk and trot serpentines. Canter transitions were much better and we got the correct lead each time, he wasn't so strong.

Few icy days mean the arena is frozen and the roads too dangerous.

30th - arena again today, although it was a bit hard.  We stuck to walk with some trot on the track.  I tried something new today, we trotted the short side then walked 4 strides before halting, then walking another 4 strides before trotting the next short side.  We did 5 and 6 strides too on each rein and I was really pleased because Basil was listening. 

31st - lovely hack to end the year.

January 2017 - the same ones but I have plans!

1.       Calmness 
2.       Rhythm 
3.       Suppleness - in every pace :(
4.       Improved brakes!
5.       Correct canter leads

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