Monday, 27 April 2015

A to Z of Dressage

An excuse for a few good pictures and a bit of fun ....

A is for Acceptance
B is for Balance
C is for Contact
D is for Desire To Move Forward
E is for Engagement

F is for Fluidity
G is for Ground Cover
H is for Harmony
I is for Impulsion
J is for Just Do It!
K is for Know Your Test

L is for Lightness
M is for Medium Walk
N is for Nodding
O is for Obedient

P is for Position
Q is for Quarters In
R is for Regularity Of Paces

S is for Suppleness
T is for Transition
U is for Uniform Bend
V is for Volte
W is for Working Trot
X is for the X in the middle of the arena
Y is for Your chance
 Z is for ZZZZ a good rest afterwards

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