Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Just Chaps - Review

I have had my new half chaps for a few months now so thought I would do a quick review.  This is my second pair of brown suede half chaps from this company - http://www.justchaps.com/  I can't remember if I bought them at HOYS or Your Horse Live this time.

I like the suede as it makes the chaps really soft and pliable so that they fit really comfortably around your leg. The back of the chaps has an elasticated panel which provides even more stretch to fit your leg.

 They have the strap which fits under your riding boots to make sure they don't ride up your legs, although I have never felt that this might be a problem.  Another strap at the top allows you to secure them just below your knee and the zips down each side are good quality too.  My last pair I had for over 6 years and although looking faded and having stretched the zips are still in good working order.  I treated myself to new ones because the old ones were looking so bad that they were embarrassing when I went for my lessons!

The company do different colours and different materials, neoprene and leather.  There are also some fun designs available.

 My only comment is that I think they have changed the sizes.  I did ask at the stand if the sizes had changed and they assured me not but my last pair were Small and these ones are Medium!  They are still quite snug around the top but I know they will stretch a bit.  I am sure that my calves have not grown that much so I believe that they have altered the sizes since I bought my last pair.

However, I am still pleased with them and find them really comfortable to ride in, much more than long riding boots.  They would not be smart enough for shows but for everyday riding I like the feel they give you.  My legs have a good contact with the horse's sides and so I think that this gives me an increased 'feel' when I am riding.

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