Thursday, 30 April 2015

How are Basil and Chesney coping?

So we have had a tough 10 days, Fidget was the backbone of our little group.  He was always there as he didn't go anywhere.  He would just munch away in the corner and stay out of trouble - unless he was starting the trouble!

I feel that Chesney and Basil are adjusting to life, they were unsettled to start with, understandably, a bit confused maybe too.  They were sticking close together for the first few days ....

 .... relying on each other.


They do seem better now and are grazing further apart again, being a bit more independent.  My main concern is that they will begin to be even more dependent on each other.  I don't want to take Basil out for a hack because Chesney will be even more distressed than he used to be when Fidget was still there to look out for him.

So, I have decided to look for a new companion for them, this may seem a bit soon to some people but the longer I have just the 2 the more reliant they will become.  I will keep you up to date on this. 

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