Thursday, 23 April 2015

Beautiful sunshine, shiny horses!

What a beautiful couple of weeks of weather we have had, blue sky, sunshine and temperatures high enough for the horses to be rugless in the field.  Chesney and Basil have been spending more time close together in the last 2 days, feeling the loss of Fidget, but I think that they are OK.  The sun on their backs must be wonderful and Chesney has lost most of his winter coat now.  Basil still has quite a lot to lose though!

I just love it when they can be naked and they both look well and have shiny coats!  Chesney still needs to put on some more weight but he is definitely improving which is great news.


They are both ready for mane trims and tail washes - so spring makeovers coming soon - I am just waiting for Basil to lose a bit more hair.

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