Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Badminton 2015

As always I had a great day at Badminton Horse Trials on Saturday.  I just love totally soaking up the horsy atmosphere!  This year it didn't rain which is always good but it wasn't too hot either.  We managed to walk most of the course just missing out the last few jumps as we were too tired and wanted to watch the Lake for a while.

I had a couple of things I wanted to get; a rug for Chesney as he has wrecked his thin rain sheet and some boots for me.  I didn't manage to find either so I came home with no exciting purchases :(  However we managed to eat lots of tasty unhealthy food and just generally had a really great day out!

In the queue!

Pancakes :)

 Countryside Heges (Fence 2,3)

The Quarry (Fence 4,5,6)
Last year they had to take part of this fence out due to the weather 
and the ground.  This year it seemed to jump really well.  I didn't manage to 
get a good shot of it being ridden though.

Oxer Chicane (Fence 7)
The work and detail they put in to decorating the fences is amazing.  I loved
 the carved squirrel and acorns on this jump!

Huntsman's Close (a)

 Huntsman's Close (b)

 Andrew Nicholson approaching Huntsman's Close

Lower Lake (Fence 10) 
The swans didn't seem to be bothered by all the action, or the crowds.

 Mitshubishi Pick-Ups (Fence 11)
It always amazes me this fence.  Lots of beautiful flowers too.

 Into the Lake (Fence 12a)

 Out of the Lake (Fence 12 b,c)

Back in the Lake (Fence 13)

We didn't see any falls this year which was great after all the top riders that fell last year, although, I think there were some falls and a few duckings!  The ground seemed to be perfect which is always good for the horses.

Garden Table (Fence 14)
This always makes me nervous as it is placed so close to the 
Garden Gates (Fence 23).  I can just imagine something going wrong
 and horses getting in each others way.  However, it hasn't happened yet!

 Stick Pile (Fence 17)
Daft name for a pretty big fence but it is a good let up fence too.

 The Mirage Pond (Fence 18 a,b,c)
This is the easiest part of fence 18 and I saw a couple of run 
outs at the last part.  A real test of line and commitment!

 On approach to the Mirage Pond.
Gatehouse New Pond (Fence 20 a,b,c,d)
This is where poor Andrew Hoy came off - very unlucky and he got a bit wet!

Hollow (Fence 22 a,b)
This looks like a straightforward fence, allbeit BIG, however, the 
ground does drop away quite steeply.

The beautiful Badminton House.

There were a lot more people this year - the weather was bad last year and only the real fans ventured out!  It is an amazing setting and one day I hope to go for 3 days and watch the Dressage, Cross-country and Show-jumping.  Until then my favourite is cross country day and I am planning on going again next year.

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