Monday, 11 May 2015

Great News - Meet Floss!

So, I have found a new friend for Basil and Chesney.  Floss is a cousin's old mare and she is going to come and look after my boys.

She is 24 years young and apparently loves to 'mother' other horses, which Chesney will love!  At 14.2hh she is Fell and Welsh cross and looks really well for her age.  Arriving today (Monday)  I will be introducing her slowly to try to limit any silliness.  Although, I think there is little chance of that!

She loves to eat - as you may be able to tell and is very easy going.  She is still ridden occasionally so if I feel the need for a quiet plod to make a change from Basil then she will be there.  She is a bit stiff so has a joint supplement to help with this.  

She will be in a separate part of the field for a few days and I will carry out a worm count on her (although her worming is up to date).  Her vaccinations are all up to date and I am hoping to coordinate this with my boys too. 

I am looking forward to building a relationship with her and finding out her likes and dislikes.  She is totally different to Fidget which is good and I think she may take charge once she settles in!

Look out for more photos later this week!
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