Thursday, 21 May 2015

Jumping Ideas

This week I thought I would share one of the exercises we sometimes do in the riding lessons I go to.  This is definitely one of my instructors favourites and it definitely makes you think!  This one tests your ability to stay on line, move forwards and stay in rhythm.

I don't take Basil to these lessons, I generally ride a lovely horse that really enjoys his jumping and is really building my confidence!  He is fairly young and needs guidance and riding to ensure he is straight but I never feel like he is going to stop (as long as I keep my legs on)!

The jumps are placed just off the track down the side of the school.  Each jump is done individually and then we put them all together as described below.  We generally start with the poles on the floor and then the instructor slowly puts them into jumps one at a time. We also do the exercise in trot at first and then canter.

Looking at the picture we would be working on the left rein and come round off the track (just after fence 2) and over fence 1.  We then continue on a circle left around and over fence 2, straight towards the track and left over fence 3.  Again continuing on the left rein we then circle around to jump fence 4.

It is a fun exercise and does test your reactions and preparation too. 

Our instructor has also had us jumping these jumps down the line.  So we have jumped 2,1,4,3 in a straight line from top to bottom jumping each pole at an angle.  This exercise tests your line even more as the horses often want to run out!

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