Monday, 31 August 2015

Summer/Autumn Wish List

As I haven't been able to ride Basil recently with his tooth infection I have been looking at new things I could add to my collection.  Of course the vet's bills will mean most of this will stay on my Wish List but I can always dream ....

I have been recommended a much more affordable  hay steaming option than the one in my November Wish List. This one is less than half the price!

Chesney desparately needs a new water bucket, his is bent and won't come clean anymore.  Unfortunately, he can't fit his head in normal sized buckets so needs an extra wide one.

I can see Tommy wearing this lovely Weatherbeeta Medium Lite rug to keep him dry this winter!

This Speedskip looks like it would make my poo picking easier, although I think it would only work on short grass!

One of these lovely mounting blocks from Stubbs would mean no more balancing on a stool to get on Basil.

I love the leather headcollar Tommy has but it is quite heavy and now that he doesn't wear it in the field I would like to return it to the Blue Cross and get him a lighter synthetic one.  Perhaps in purple :)

A nice grooming box to keep all his things in would be good too.

I will need a new syringe for my First Aid Kit now that Basil has been using the old one!

I hope that some of these things will find their way to the tackroom!

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