Monday, 17 August 2015

Top Tips - How to Get the Most from your Riding.

If you know what it is you want from your riding that is a great first step.  If you love hacking in your local area and enjoying the countryside as I do or want to take your horse to a show there are ways to make the most of every riding opportunity!

  • If you don't know what you want from your riding then think about it.  Is it relaxation, is it the challenge, the exhilaration, the social side?
  • Keeping yourself active is important for your health and you need a certain level of fitness to really get the most out of your riding.  If you can't ride regularly enough to keep fit then go for walks, run or go to the gym!
  • Keeping your brain active also helps you get the most from your riding and that can be anything from learning more about maintaining a paddock to studying for an exam!  

  • Surround yourself with positive people who will be encouraging and supportive whatever you choose to do with your horse.  This may be an instructor but equally could be a friend that makes you feel more confident and positive.
  • Try to develop a Positive Mental Attitude - see my blog for tips on this.

  • Planning your riding can really help you get the most of it.  How about going for a longer hack, linking some bridleways together.  Alternatively, may be join a sponsored or fun ride a bit further afield.  

  • Goals can really help you achieve when schooling, even if this is improving your horse's halt or walk.  Breaking it down into small manageable chunks and setting aims for each session will really help you both progress.  I try to have monthly aims for Basil's schooling, have you seen my blogs about these?

  • Spend time at home getting your horse used to things that you might encounter on hacks or at shows.  Introduce new things in a safe environment with no time pressures.  This is much more successful than first encountering something on the side of the round or in the middle of a showjumping round!
If you have any tips to help us all get more from our riding leave a comment below!

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