Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Basil Update

As you know Basil had his tooth taken out about a month ago.  I am pleased to say that it has been healing well.  The swelling has mostly gone but unfortunately some changes to the jawbone mean he will always have a slightly raised area.

He has had weeks and weeks of antibiotics and painkillers.  Since he had his tooth out he has been on grass as much as possible with the minimum amount of hay.  The vet has come out many times to flush the hole out and check the healing.  I detailed this a bit last week in my September Review.

On Friday we had our final visit (unless we have problems) to check on healing.  I am so pleased that Basil only has a little dip now where the tooth was and that the new tissue is no longer red, it has turned a good healthy pink colour. 

Basil's Tooth!

Basil has now come to the end of his antibiotics and painkillers (Yippee), can eat hay normally and go back to his usual food - alfalfa.  So I brought the horses in for their first night on Saturday and they caught up on some nap time!  Tommy also seems to have had a big sleep as he was covered in shavings on Sunday morning.   Of course, this also means now there will be a lot more mucking out :(

The vet has advised leaving Basil a little longer before I try to put a bit in his mouth.  So I am going to wait until the end of October.  My dental technician is coming then so will check too and as the vet comes the same day to give them their annual injections and to sedate Chesney she can have another look then  aswell.  I have started lunging him a bit again which so far has proved quite entertaining!  

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