Thursday, 8 October 2015

September Review

September has been another unproductive month is some ways.  I was ill for 3 weeks and in the middle of this Basil went to have his tooth taken out.  Obviously the horses still need looking after but if I am ill this tends to be the minimum to keep them healthy.  I suppose the bright side is that I couldn't have ridden Basil anyway because of his tooth!  

My September aim for Basil was to get him better.  As he was not able to be ridden I didn't set any schooling aims.  We haven't done any lunging or riding at all.  He hates not working and I think really misses our 1 on 1 time.  I will update you on Basil's tooth next week as the vet is visiting again tomorrow.

Tommy has continued to grow in confidence and as you may have seen in yesterday's video now has a shiny new turnout rug ready for the bad weather.  He also had all of his feet trimmed when the farrier came last week, I was so proud of him.  We had several days when he was a bit nervous again but he seems to be over that now.

This is what September looked like:

8th - Basil tothe vet to have tooth removed.

9th - vet visit to check on Basil, wash out and replace 'plug' of antibiotics.

18th - vet visit again to check on Basil, wash out and replace 'plug'.  Hole is healing and filling in.  Area is still red as is the new tissue.

25th - vet visit again.  No hole now, just a dip where the hole was.  Area washed but no hole to put plug in so just wiped with antibiotic plug.  New tissue still red.

The vet is coming again tomorrow, Friday 9th October, so fingers crossed it is still healing well.  I am really hoping that she will say he can eat more hay and therefore they can come in at night.  The horses will be very pleased as the weather has definitely changed in the last couple of weeks and the nights are cold.

My October Aims:

  1. Lunge again.
  2. Ride if possible, this will depend when he can have a bit in his mouth again.

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