Monday, 21 December 2015

More routine horsey jobs!

Last week I wrote about my weekend routine and mentioned that each weekend I try to tackle an 'extra job' or two.  These are things that either don't need to be done or I don't have time to do every day ....


Tack cleaning: this should be in this section but sometimes slips to monthly.  Obviously it is important to keep Basil's tack clean so that it doesn't rub him and to keep it supple and in good condition.

Poo picking:  in the summer I try to poo pick the field each weekend.  In the winter I rarely do.  I refuse to do this whilst either getting soaking wet or freezing cold.  Come the spring I have a purge, so far my egg counts have been low for Chesney and Basil.

Ragwort: during the spring and summer I always keep my eye out for Ragwort in the field and have a walk around to check.


Tack shop:  I visit every couple of weeks for horse food, shavings and when necessary worm count kits.  I occasionally (ha ha)  come away with other things!


Checking the fence: as we are very self contained and surrounded by hedges, big ditches and the electric fencing I only do this every few weeks.  When I catch Basil at the weekends I have a look too but I do a proper walk around checking the posts and that no branches are touching the electric fence.


Cleaning out the Troughs:  this should be done way more often but I don't.  The troughs are big and take a lot of water so I hate emptying it out and wasting it.  I appreciate that I could let it go down but as they are automatic fillers it is more difficult.  I have tried tying the ballcock up but the horses knock it and it falls down and sets it to fill again :(

Gutters & Drains:  I usually do these every few months.  Obviously I make sure I clear all the leaves out of the gutters in the Autumn before we have loads of rain. The drains tend to get a bit clogged with yuk too so I check and clear them.

Raking arena:  I tend to do this more when it needs it, or I have time.  I chain harrow it in the summer when I can take the 4x4 over the field to get there.  In the winter I can't do this because it will spread mud on the arena - not good.

Tackroom/Feedroom/Haybarn:  I also try to clear and tidy these every few weeks, I often don't put things away properly in the week so every now and then I have to have a big purge.  I also sweep out to try to keep the floors relatively clean.

Wash tails:  This varies a bit. I tend to do them more in the summer and not much in the winter.  I also really only wash them if they need it and look really grimy or are difficult to brush.

Pull manes:  I also only do this every 2 or 3 months.  As I don't need to plait I just try to keep Basil's mane tidy and relatively short and Chesney's under control.  I'm not sure what I will do with Tommy's - we will see!


Cobwebs: At the end of the summer I get rid of all the cobwebs in the stables and wash the windows to get rid of any dust before they start coming into the stables at night.

Rubber mats:  Again this should be done more often but it is a big, hard job so I only get the mats out once a year.  Spring is a good time when the horses start to be out in the field more.  All the mats come out of the stables and are jet washed and the stables disinfected.

Merry Christmas Everyone !

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