Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tommy - our surprise!

It has been a while since I wrote a Tommy update because I have included him in my monthly reviews instead.  However, I am so totally amazed by him that I wanted him to have a blog of his own.  A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we were working on a surprise - well, if you scroll down to the last photos you will see :)

Back in September he had his first try with a turnout rug - which turned out to be too big.  So in October I bought him a new one and we tried it on!   He was nervous initially as it made a funny noise.

Come November and he was getting better with the rug, although still a bit hesitant about having the rug put over.  He soon got better and we had some horrible weather days when he wore it in the field!


Now with the rug he is not bothered at all when I go to place it over his back - obviously I still do this gently.  At the end of November I started thinking that with the progress we were making he might feel like joining in the festive spirit.  So I introduced him to the tinsel.  NEVER imagining I would get it on his head!

Isn't this pony FANTASTIC :):):)

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