Monday, 12 January 2015

5 Questions - The Challenge

I have been reading a lot of other blogs over the last year and recently saw this great 'challenge' on  Cara Leigh's blog, .  I decided that I would take some of the questions to share more about my wonderful horses and me!  So over the next few weeks I will occasionally drop in a blog entitled 5 questions .....

1.       Who has been the most influential person on your riding?

To be honest I don't think I can pick one person, I know that is a bit lame but there are 4 people that I think have had a big influence on me.  I won't name them as that would be a little unfair!
My aunt - she first introduced me to riding when I had a sit on her horse and she suggested I had lessons!
My first riding teacher - she taught me all the basics, slowly and methodically and I really believe that the way she taught has made me the rider I am today.

Riding teacher number 3 - I helped out at the stables at the weekends and rode some different horses, this is when my real love of everything equine developed.

My current riding teacher - after my confidence dip I decided a year ago I needed to go back to having lessons on other horses.  I really can't tell you what an enormous difference it has made to me, my riding and Basil. 

I think it is so important to find a riding teacher that you like and have rapport with.  Over the years I have had some teachers that, if I'm honest, I probably didn't really like and so I really didn't get as much out of the lessons as I should have!

2.       Which is your favourite picture of your horse?
As I am lucky enough to have 3 today I am going to share my favourite picture of Chesney.  This was taken when he was about a year old (when they didn't have digital cameras) and I think he looks so lovely.

3.       Which piece of tack would you most like to splurge on?
This is a tricky one as actually there are loads of things.  See my wish list blog from November! 
I have a really nice saddle for Basil so I think some new Flexi-stirrups

4.       What do you feed your horses?
I always used to feed either pony nuts or mix with chaff but since having Basil I have changed that.  Basil is easily excitable so when I first had him my old feeding regime didn't really work for him.  I needed to find something low in sugar and starch which would not make him loopy.

It is always easier if the horses all have the same feed (if possible) you need less feed bins and you can't get it mixed up!  I started looking around and found Dengie 'Healthy Hooves' which is low in sugar and starch and high in fibre so the energy is released slowly.  It is also suitable for horses or ponies who have had laminitis (Fidget, just once) but also for horses with poor feet (Basil).  Chesney had always been easy to keep weight on so this would be suitable for him too.  So for the last few years I have been feeding that to all 3 horses, Chesney and Fidget have a little sugarbeet in the winter but it makes Basil loopy. 

However, I am now looking at different options for Chesney as he needs help with his weight, I am thinking about Dengie's Hi-Fi Senior.

5.       What is your favourite equestrian movie?
There are not enough of these about, but I think my favourite is one I have not seen for years as it is not available on DVD in England.  It is called 'Sylvester' and is set in the US, it is about a girl and a horse who change to English style riding and go to the Olympics (I think).  Anyway, I loved it!

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