Thursday, 22 January 2015

Looking back ...

My plan for today's blog was for some lovely snowy and wintry shots - because it was supposed to snow but it didn't!  So I decided to look back at photos of the horses to share with you instead.

As I was looking back I remembered how accident prone Basil has been over the years.  During November 2008 he smacked his nose and had to have staples ....

Summer 2009 and you can still see a slight scar ....

Later that summer he had a nasty wound on his fetlock and had to stay at the vets for a few days for treatment, he came back with more staples!

The horses moved at the end of that year, here is Basil after a tail washing session, Summer 2010.  Looking very smart, and very healthy!

Chesney has been less accident prone ... although he did develop a sarcoid under his eye in 2008.

Looking better here he is in Summer 2009

and looking a bit fat in Summer 2010 ...

Fidget has been even less accident prone, he seems to stay out of trouble!  Here he is in Summer 2009

I have always loved this photo of him chilling out!

Summer 2010 - amongst the electric fence, in his 'special' no grass part of the field he is still fat!

He has always been a challenge with his weight.

Here is Daisy in 2009 - what a life!

and in 2010 ...

Doing what cats do best!

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