Thursday, 29 January 2015

Blood Test Results and Chesney Update

If you have been following my blogs I thought you may be wondering how Chesney is.  He had his follow up blood test on 6th January and it showed everything back to normal levels - a huge relief.  So, although we don't really know what caused his dip in Red Blood Cells (whether it was worms or not) it is good to know he is on the mend.  

The vet also agreed that he is putting on weight again which I guess will also be due to the oil he is getting in his feed.  This time of year is never easy to get weight on horses but I have now changed Chesney to a 'senior' feed.  This is something I never felt the need for before, he has always been fat so I have kept him on a suitable feed.  Obviously, in view of this winter, he will now be on something a bit more substantial designed for his age.  It will be interesting to see if he gets fat again in the spring.  

I thought you may be interested to have a look at his blood test results (I have removed my name and the vets) to compare!  The first set from 14th November 2014 includes his Biochemistry results, as these were within normal ranges he did not have these tests done in January.

Has your horse ever had a blood test?

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