Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Horse Treat Review - Lincoln Horse Bix

If you saw my Christmas Stocking vlog just before Christmas Horse Life and Love you will have seen that this year I treated the horses to some special horse goodies!

I thought I would do a quick review of these as they had varying degrees of success. They are foil wrapped which is good for freshness, but the bag doesn't reseal so they are easy to spill! They are naturally flavoured so I assume they are healthy!

They look very nutritious but not very appetising to me.  However, as the horses eat hay and grass most of the time I didn't think this was a problem!  Both of the flavours that I bought; apple and peppermint, look the same.

I opened the apple ones on Christmas day and unfortunately Basil spat them straight out and Fidget wouldn't even put it in his mouth!  Chesney moved his around in his mouth for a while and did eventually chew it but I didn't get the idea that he was really enjoying it at all.

I thought that I would try the peppermint ones next and these went down much better ...all three of the horses happily munched on these.  I do think it varies from horse to horse, I tried the apple ones on a horse where I have riding lessons and he loved them! 

However, for my horses in the future, I will definitely remember to avoid the apple ones and buy the peppermint. 

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