Thursday, 18 December 2014

Chesney's poorly foot!


If you follow us on Facebook you will know that Chesney has a foot full of pus.  The vet came to take his follow on blood test last Friday so I asked her to have a look at his leg too.  As I mentioned last week I thought he had done something to his stifle because of the way he was walking. Proving that you can't always guess what is wrong, the vet quickly discovered that there was no pain in his leg anywhere.  After using the hoof testers she found his sole was very tender.  A bit of scraping uncovered a huge bruise and a nasty area filled with pus.  

He has a lovely poultice and bandage to draw out all the pus and keep it clean and dry!

Unfortunately this also means that she couldn't take his blood test as it would have shown lots of white blood cells due to his pus filled foot!  Luckily, though she does think that he has put on a bit of weight :-)

As I really can't keep Basil in all the time, after talking to the vet I am using duct tape to  fix a bag onto Chesney's foot so that he can go out in the field for a little while. 

He is still managing to get himself into trouble playing with the big plastic tubs ......

...... but after several days of changing his poultice he is feeling a bit better.

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