Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Rug Review - Loveson Allpro Combo

It always happens in the winter, Chesney and Basil wreck rugs.  There are often many 'incidents' and luckily some can be mended to last a few more weeks!  Unfortunately, not all rips and tears are mendable and sometimes rugs come in completely ruined!  First casualty of the year has already happened.  So I have been shopping!

The biggest (literally) problem I have with rugs for Chesney is the length, he needs 7'3" rugs and not all rugs come in this size.   After my purchase of an expensive rug with a supposedly stronger outer layer last year, that ripped just as easily as cheaper ones, I was not prepared to spend a huge amount.  This time I purchased a different make from the ones I usually have for him as there were no Shires available in his size.  It is a Loveson Allpro Combo,  it's a 200gm so a medium weight rug.

It has the old buckles at the front, which is a shame as I would have liked the more modern clips for the front.  However, it has the pleats on his shoulders which are great and really improve his ability to move.  I also like the bright white Loveson badge as this helps find him in the dark!

The snuggly neck cover has 3 velcro straps to keep it in place (these have been ripped off by Basil's teeth in the past).

It has good adjustable cross surcingles, although it may be a bit deep for him I find I can't be too picky with his rugs!  The rug has leg straps too which are fairly average but I am disappointed with the tail flap as it is thin and smaller than I would have liked.

I hope it will last at least until the end of this winter and hopefully longer!

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