Friday, 12 December 2014

More Rugs

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about stable and turnout rugs.  I mentioned in that blog that there are lots of different types of rugs for different occasions and I thought I would cover them today. 

Day Rugs
These are generally used for horses stabled during the day but also in the autumn or spring when it is not cold enough for a stable rug.  These are also sometimes used as travel rugs and in the past were generally made of wool.  Now you will find that these often double as 'coolers' which is useful and saves some money too!

Anti-Sweat Rugs
These are specialised rugs to be used if a horse has become wet from sweating, rain or having a bath.  It is a rug with lots of holes.

These rugs are effective at regulating heat loss by warming the air under the rug (from the horse's body heat).  Some heat is lost through the holes and some remains trapped this ensures the horse is cooled slowly.  It can be used with another rug on top if needed.  As I mentioned above now we mostly use 'coolers' which are designed to allow sweat to escape but prevent the horse becoming too cool to quickly. 

Chesney's Cooler Rug

Summer Sheets
These are thin cotton rugs which are useful for keeping a horse or pony clean in the summer or when travelling to a show.  They are light enough that they don't make the horse hot.

Fly Sheets
These are useful in the summer and are made of a fine mesh which does not make the horse hot but will prevent flies from landing directly on the horse.  These are really useful for horses that have particularly sensitive skin or that have a reaction to fly bites.

Sweet-Itch Rugs
These are more densely meshed than fly rugs and are specifically designed for horses and ponies that suffer from this dreadful condition.  I will write a blog about sweet-itch in the spring because Fidget suffers badly but his rug has made an enormous difference.  It is important with sweet-itch rugs that it covers as much of the body as possible as the midges will bite any available spot! 

 I took this picture when Fidget was trying his new rug on for
 size so the leg straps are not done up correctly.

Exercise Rugs
These are generally used for clipped horses when being lightly exercised to keep their hindquarters warm.  The traditional rugs are similar to the one I have on my Wish List but there are many more available now. 

These are not generally able to keep the horse dry if there is more than a light shower so waterproof versions are also available.  These rugs generally go underneath the saddle and so you must consider if they affect the fit of the saddle!

Some of the most useful are the hi visibility ones which not only keep the hindquarters warm and dry but also ensure you are seen by other users on the road.  Basil has a great one of these which fits behind the saddle. 

You can also get fleece under rugs, Basil has one of these (see Basil's Rug Collection vlog), which have mostly replaced traditional blankets. 

I'm sure more rugs will be introduced in the future.  Which rugs do you have for your horse or pony?

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