Tuesday, 23 December 2014

This weekend! Olympia

I have been lucky enough to go to Horse of the Year Show and Your Horse Live this year but did not manage to make it to Olympia for the London International Horse Show.  I have been enjoying watching the highlights this weekend though. It is the real start of Christmas for me!

 I love the jumping but also the other things that they have on .....

Charlotte Dujardin was, yet again, AMAZING

to see her World Record Breaking Freestyle click here

The Shetland Grand National is always good fun, the Puissance is brilliant and nail biting and I always love the Mini-Major competition when the Pony Club members team up with a 'top' rider to whizz around a show-jumping course.

 The quadrille amazes me every year with how imaginative and fantastic the outfits are!

This year the Cossacks were incredible.

Have you managed to get to Olympia this year?  What is your favourite part of the show?

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