Monday, 1 December 2014

Outfit of the Day - Basil's Hi-Vis

As the weather has been dull and rainy recently Basil has mostly been wearing his Hi Vis stuff when we have been hacking out.  Unfortunately, we have to ride along several roads where I keep him, they are relatively quiet but with the low light levels I like to make sure we are seen.

I thought this picture was good because you can see how much he stands out in his rug!  The rug is from V-Bandz and I bought it not long after I got Basil.  It is waterproof too so if we get caught out it keeps him dry.  The only problem is that if it is a relatively warm day, or he is feeling particularly silly then he can get a bit hot under it.  The tail flap makes sure that cars coming from behind see him easily.  It has straps that go under the girth straps both at the top and the bottom, a fillet string and an elasticated strap that goes under his dock.  It feels pretty secure but does tend to slip sideways a bit.  Basil doesn't seem to be worried when it blows in the wind a bit but as it is so secure it doesn't move much.  I have been really pleased with it.

The boots I have had for quite a while, I had them for my first pony so I'm not sure where I got them from, V-Bandz also do something similar (   I actually have back ones too but Basil doesn't like having them on and kicks out when he wears them!

I have my own Hi Vis gear too and I definitely feel safer knowing that the cars can see us from further away which gives them more time to slow down.

What sort of Hi Vis things do you have for you and your horse or pony?

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