Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Product Review - Albion Natural Leather Care

I tend to be a bit set in my ways with products for the horses.   I try different things for myself, different face creams and things but for the horses I like what I know works.  However, I decided that I ought to try some of the other products out there and someone recommended these for my tack.  

Albion are probably best known as a British Saddle Maker but I guess it makes sense that they also produce products to treat and clean their saddles.   There are 2 different products that I have been trying over the last few weeks; the Natural Leather Soap and the Swiss Formula Natural Leather Balm.

I have enjoyed using the Natural Leather Soap, it has a fresh smell and isn't sticky like many other saddle soaps.  As the name suggests it is made from all natural ingredients but is also vegetable based and enriched with glycerine (according to their website). I have found that it is easy to use and supplied in a solid form means that it lasts longer and is not wasted as when you squirt your cloth with a liquid soap.  It will obviously take more months of use to see if really does last and is worth the higher price.  However, I have found that my tack looks clean and polished when I have finished.

The Swiss Formula Natural Leather Balm is definitely a welcome addition to my tack care routine.  Having used leather oils in the past this is a welcome change.  Although the oil always treated the tack well it was a really messy job.  This balm is much easier to use and considerably less messy.  According to the website this balm was 'first used 200 years ago to preserve saddlery leather in extreme climate conditions of damp and cold then heat and dryness found in the mountainous regions of Switzerland'.  I have used it a few times now, as it is not an everyday treat for the leather, and found that it soaks in well leaving my tack appearing more nourished (I can't think of a better word).  This will definitely be something I purchase again.

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