Thursday, 4 December 2014

Schooling Basil ...

I chose this lovely sunny picture of Baz from October because we have had some really dull days this week.  Every day has been either rain or wind or both but we have still managed to fit in a schooling session.   We started really much the same as usual, walking and trotting around trying to remain calm and supple.  I had moved one of our poles too so that was a bit spooky too!  We did some lovely trots with a good shape and the correct bend, as the session went on Basil was working more on the bit too.  He is better in trot and canter and I find it more difficult to get him anywhere near on the bit in walk as he tends to slow down (more leg needed!).  

We did walk over the poles, even the one that had moved (after a little extra encouragement) and trotted them too whilst remaining calm which I was really pleased about.  New things we tried today were trot leg yield, which he did really well, although on the left rein I have to have a really supportive right leg as he does tend to dive for the track a bit.  The next stage will be to leg yield away from the track!  

We also did a series of consecutive canter circles.  Starting at one end (imaginary A or C)we cantered a 20m circle before going on down the long side to an imaginary E (or B) and cantering another 20m circle and then moving on to do another 20m circle at the other end.  He was brilliant and I was so pleased.  I have realised that his right canter is able to slow more and become more collected and I guess this is because he is more balanced on that rein.  Left canter is a bit faster, but practise makes perfect and we can only get better!  

We finished up with some trot serpentines, which do tend to get Basil excited as when I sit to change leg he thinks it is time to canter.  I think I will have to do some more sitting trot so that he stops associating this with canter - but it is just about my least favourite thing to do!  Anyway, I was pleased with him as he remained more calm today than he has in the past.  We walked a bit to cool down and finished with a big pat and a polo. 

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