Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Chesney's Tribulations

I thought it was about time I blogged about Chesney as quite a bit has been going on with him recently!  Ches is 20 years old and has always been a good doer, tending on the fat side!  It has always been difficult keeping the weight off him as he has a tendency to just jump into the side of the field with the most grass.  If he doesn't jump he gets under the electric fence somehow!

Over the last couple of months he has been losing weight and this was not a bad thing - he was on the fat side.  However, he is continuing to lose weight and now is looking too thin so about 3 weeks ago he had a blood test.  The results were not very helpful,  he is a little anaemic and showed slight inflammation in his intestines but that was about all they showed.  He has had clear worm counts throughout this year but the vet suggested I worm him to make sure that is not the problem and I have purchased an iron supplement .  I have already been increasing his feed and giving him sugarbeet and as much hay as he can eat.  I am now going to try adding some oil too.   He is having a further test this week to see if there is any change.  So I will let you know the results when I get them.  

On top of this last weekend he injured himself somehow in the field.  I am guessing that he slipped as he seems to have strained his near hind perhaps in the stifle area.  Now, Chesney is very 'Gung ho' about pain and injury!  It takes a lot to make him think..... when he was 6 he had quite a nasty foot abscess and was not at all lame.  In some ways this is good as he doesn't make a huge fuss like Basil but the down side is that he thinks he can just keep on going.  This means that he won't be sensible and stay still to rest it.

I decided that rather than call the vet right away I would try and rest him for a few days first.  As I am sure that is what they would suggest anyway.   So he is on box rest.  I had some Phenylbutazone (an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever) so have been giving him small doses to make him a little more comfortable.  Unfortunately, box resting Chesney also means the same for Basil and Fidget as Ches gets very upset if they go anywhere without him.  I am managing to let them out into a small section of the field by the stables for about 45 minutes morning and night to stretch their legs and potter about.  I think he is looking a little bit better this morning but still think that I will have to get the vet out tomorrow!  

I hope that this now (with Fidget's ROA) makes 3 things and we will be back on track soon!

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